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GreenTea... has major anger issues. He hates any female Chikorita, Bayleef or Meganium, mainly because of how abandoned he was as a young Pokemon. He doesn't like most trainers to start off with either, but he can warm up to some.

It's better you don't question his gender. You should be able to figure it out by his long antennae. After all, females have shorter antennae.

GreenTea loves to run. He's loved it ever since he bolted. Somehow, he's just loved the feeling.

His nickname embarrasses him. Sometimes he'll question it. But deep down, he loves the nickname that was chosen for him.

GreenTea is currently at level 40. His moves are: Razor Leaf, Petal Dance, PoisonPowder and Return... I think. I'll have to find my DS to be certain but until then-- //bricked

GreenTea enjoys being able to bring dead plants to life. Another thing he can also do, which may differ from other Meganium is that he can heal any wounds or injuries on a human by breathing on them.



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"Bleh. Disgusting."


"I just can't quite stand you."


A Bayleef. A female Bayleef. A female Bayleef that thought you were a girl at first. But, somehow, you don't much seem to mind her. You consider her somewhat of an annoyance, but, she didn't laugh at your name, so either way, you still sort of trust her.

"Male. Remember that."


"Hey, hey...!"

<Close Friends>

"Stand by me..."


This girl... is your trainer, Ange. You rather like her as a trainer, and a friend. You're glad she chose you as her starter, no matter what your gender and appearance. You've trained so hard for her... and you would do anything to protect her. One thing you hate is how at times, she doubts herself...

"I will fight hard for you... Master."


"A-Alright. Stop that..."

<Mate> ((Feel free to reserve exceptIknowit'llneverhappen--))

"I... I love you. I wouldn't have it any other way..."

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I... I swear... one more comment saying I'm female...

GreenTea is a male Meganium with anger issues. As a Chikorita, he was never chosen as a starter Pokemon because he was a boy. With more female Chikoritas winding up in the lab to be chosen as a started Pokemon, GreenTea became jealous. He ran away from the lab, worrying the two Pokemon in the lab that were his friends: a Totodile and a Cyndaquil. After he ran away, Professor Elm became worried about the young Pokemon's well-being. It was made clear by GreenTea's friends that he must be found, and as such, Elm called on Ange to find the wayward Pokemon.

When GreenTea was found, he refused to return to the lab with Ange, and it stumped the girl as to why. It did seem rather down for some reason, and hated the girl at first, but, when Ange decided to choose him as her starter, GreenTea was rather happy. But, he still wasn't too keen on other people... and has trust issues. He's also the angry type, much to everyone's annoyance. He's also very hard to convince once he's made up his mind. Well, that's just how this Pokemon is.

GreenTea loves to train alongside his teammates. His best friend is probably Cotton, an Ampharos. One thing GreenTea didn't expect, and doesn't really much like, is how a certain redhead named Kamon kidnapped his Cyndaquil friend. But, he's glad that whenever they aren't battling they're friends. He wishes Ange and Kamon could think the same though. GreenTea still likes to tease Typhlosion though... "Nyeh, Ty-ty." This doesn't bug Typhlosion though. In fact, he just teases GreenTea right back with "You smell nice... too nice, considering you're male." But both of them know the other is only joking. :dummy:

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